League of Legends voice skill

Legends never die. Unless they meet their perfect counter.

What's in it for you?

The League of Legends skill lets you access info about champs, their counters and strengths just by using your voice and asking Fridai. And more is coming…

1. Go to our page to Sign up / Login

2. From the Downloads section download the iOS / Android app (+ the desktop app if you want to take screenshots/videos while playing)

3. Activate the League of Legends skill under the Voice Store section.

4. Open the app and tell Fridai: “Hey Fridai, I’m playing League of Legends” (pronounced as the day “Friday”)

5. Fridai will enter League of Legends mode and help you with information about the Champions. 

6. Ask things like: Tell me about Teemo, who counters Aatrox or who is Sylas strong against? If you want to dig deeper, you can always download the intro PDF below.

7. Game on!